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My name is Tony Anosike, I am a senior lecturer at the Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, Derby Business School, University of Derby, UK.

This website is a platform where I can tell you more about my work at the University. Please feel free to browse through, and I'm very keen to receive your comments, feedback, requests for collaboration or further information.


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If you are from a company, please do get in touch for exploratory discussions about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), TRIZ, trainings, consultancy, student projects and other collaboration opportunities.

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If you are a researcher, I am interested in exploring opportunities for research collaborations and funding applications. For potential PhD students, I would love to hear from your about any projects you may have in mind.

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TRIZ is a rigorous creativity & innovation enhancing technique that is applicable in all industries. The main premise of TRIZ is that creativity can be structured and repeated because ‘someone, somewhere has already solved a problem like yours’. So, why not repeat or re-use the strategies that worked for someone else?

process innovation

I am passionate about improving business performance through process innovation, and I believe that regular process innovation is achievable by boosting the creativity of individuals and the creativity of entire organisations.

ktp projects

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is an ideal means to boost your business performance and competitiveness. It is part-funded by the government, fully supported by universities, applies to many areas of your business, and is highly regarded by many companies.